About me

  • I am a PhD student at Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine (CCAIM), University of Cambridge, where I am supervised by Prof. Andres Floto, Dr Sarah Teichmann and Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar.
  • My research interests lie broadly at the intersection of machine learning and biology. I leverage ML methods to better understand causes of diseases using and integrating various data sources and modalities.
  • Previously I spent almost three years as a Machine Learning Engineer and squad lead at BenevolentAI, a pharma company leveraging AI for drug discovery. While at BenevolentAI I had the opportunity to work on various ML projects with an amazing and diverse group of people, including biologists, chemists, software engineers and AI Scientists.
  • I received my Bachelor’s degree from University College London (UCL) where I have graduated with a first class honours BASc degree with distinction (Dean’s List), majoring in computer science. My dissertation focused on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in sequential social dilemmas and was advised by Prof. Jun Wang and Dr Manuela Dal Borgo.
  • Apart from ML & biology, I am also a keen data engineer interested in large-scale data processing including distributed systems.

Recent News

  • Released a preprint on GeneBac: a modular framework for antibiotic resistance prediction from DNA. [04.01.2024]
  • Presented my work on Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with Deep Learning and won a runner-up award for the best talk. [28.11.2023]
  • Visited Brbić lab at EPFL over the summer 2023. [04.09.2023]
  • Started my PhD at Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine (CCAIM), University of Cambridge. [03.10.2022]
  • Joined BenevolentAI, a research company focused on applying AI to the drug discovery problem as Machine Learning Engineer, where I will be working on NLP alongside an amazing team of researchers, engineers and bioinformaticians. [02.12.2019]
  • Gave a talk on Learning to cooperate with Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning on ML in PL conference. University of Warsaw. [23.11.2019]
  • Received Best Talk - People’s choice award for my talk on “Learning to cooperate - the emergence of sustainable resource management among artificial intelligence agents” at Science: Polish Perspectives (SPP) conference. Cambridge 2019. [09.11.2019]